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Delicious Menu Beriani, Mee Bandung, Sirap Bandung Johor Recipe Malay Restaurant & Catering

Bahasa Melayu

The Menu at JM Bariani House restaurant (and catering) includes delicious Johor Recipe Biryani rice Biryani Rice & Beriani Gam served with acar & dalca accompanied by Halal meat dishes of Chicken, Lamb or Beef in mild Malay recipe curry. Other menu of this Malay restaurant includes halal & delicious roasted taufu (tauhu bakar), Mee Bandung, Rojak Petis. Beverages at JM Bariani House Restaurant (and Catering)includes Air Sirap Bandung (soda sirup) and fresh squeezed fruit juices fron real fruits.

Jus Perahan Buah & Sirap Bandung

Cold drinks from real fruits are very refreshing with real fruit tastes are favorites of the restaurant. Pure Mango blended to puree with little ice to chill the puree is one of the top favorites at JM Bariani House Puchong. Fresh Fruit juices includes Oranges, apples, watermelons , pineapple mango and carrot

Recipe Rojak Petis & Tauhu Bakar From Johor

Rojak Petis and Tauhu Bakar are served as 'starters', giving the taste of freshness from the vegetables but also as appetizer with the thick ground-nut sauce as topping.
Mee Bandung JM is noted as very tasty. Strong taste of fresh prawn in the gravy, which origins from the state of Johor. A must for regular diners at JM Bariani House.

Salad Waldorf

Salad of fruits & vegi in 'Thousand Island' for fun meal with surprising fruity taste of apple, oranges, carrots and celery. Very nice..

Nasi Beriani Gam and Nasi Beriani Resepi From Johor

Beriani Gam JM are Basmathi rice cooked in the same pot as the meats, preserving meat juice in the rice itself for tastes that are smooth, ample with delicious meat 'sweetness' on every bite.Beriani Gam is served with eggs and potatoes cooked in beriani spice, while mild chili paste helps those who wants some chili 'bites' to their meals.Nasi Beriani JM on the other hand, the meats are cooked separately and their serving include acar and dalca. The Nasi beriani that isnt 'gam' is the most popular, loved by every age group that includes foreign visitors to Malaysia. Being not spicy hot but delicious, both Nasi Berianis are suitable even to very young children below 2 years old, where some of these children never liked the normal rice but love the beriani.

Acar & Dalca From JM Bariani House

The Acar contains preserved fruits of plums, dates, calamansi in plum sauce. The taste is sourish, sweet and slightly spicy. The acar, served on a separate plate, usually taken between rice bites.. Dalca contains eggplant fruits, dhal and potatoes in a special curry that ensures it doesnt overpowers the rice.

Ayam Goreng Berempah JM Bariani House Restaurant

Ayam goreng berempah JM are chicken quartered fried with Malay traditional kampung hearbs. The JM recipe of Ayam Goreng Berempah isnt spicyhot, crispy on the outside while the inside is tender, moist and delicious. At the JM Beriani House Puchong Restaurant, the Ayam goreng berempah is one of the top favorites, either eaten with the beriani or eaten on its own.

Ayam Masak Beriani dan Ayam Masak Merah JM Bariani House

Ayam Beriani has the taste that suits the biryani rice, soft and juicy.Ayam masak merah is however is sought as the best for the taste of lemon grass, kaffir leaves and Malay traditional herbs.

Kambing (lamb) Beriani dan Daging (beef) Beriani

Kambing beriani is a must for lovers of lamb meats. The lamb meats was cured from excess gamey smell then cooked to tender in beriani spices. The meat juice is tasty on every bite.
Daging masak beriani is beef cooked to tender, ensuring the meat juice stays inside the meat grains, ready to spurge upon every bite.

JM Bariani House Puchong restaurant does catering katering to homes, offices and other locations. Do contact us for more information.

JM Bariani House Puchong (Restaurant & Catering)
G25 IOI Boulevard,
Jalan Kenari 6,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47170 Puchong, Selangor DarulEhsan,
tel: +603-80767269, 0122005681 (sms)
Hours of operation 11.00am to 11.00 pm everyday (7days week).


Surau Restoran JM Puchong, Bilik Solat Muat 40-50 Jemaah.

Kemudahan surau atau bilik sembahyang (solat) sekarang menjadi keperluan bagi restoran-restoran Melayu saperti JM Bariani House. Program makan malam, bersama keluarga atau rakan2 kerja dan rakan2 niaga selalu nya tidak mengikut masa yang sesuai untuk menjalankan solat fardu. JM Bariani House Puchong memudahkan pengunjung melakukan solat di surau (bilik solat) di paras bawah restoran. Sejadah, Al-Quran, tempat wuduq disediakan untuk keselesaan bersolat.

Makanan Lazat JM Bariani House

Sambil menikmati makanan lazat, pengunjung2 JM Bariani House Puchong hanya perlu turun satu tangga untuk menjalankan kewajipan bersolat. Berjemaah atau secara persaorangan.

Surau Yang Selesa

Surau di IOI Boulevard yang dijaga rapi, bersih dan selesa untuk menjalakan kewajipan solat.

Surau di IOI Boulevard berada di bawah Restoran JM Bariani House. Setiap surau lelaki & surau wanita boleh memuatkan 40-50 orang bersolat jema'ah.Dibuka dari tengahhari hingga 10.00 malam, pengunjung JM boleh turun untuk menunaikan kewajipan sembahyang dengan selesa. Surau IOI Boulevard bilik nya berhawa dingin, di sediakan tempat wuduk yang bersih, sejadah dan berkarpet. Juga disediakan beberapa buah naskah AlQuran untuk kemudahan pengunjung.

tel: 0380767269 0122005681 jmboulevardpuchong.blogspot.com

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Delivery Food, Bungkus, Tapau, Delivery of Nasi Beriani Johor kawasan Puchong, Kuala Lumpur (KL) dan Selangor

Delivery service of Nasi beriani in Puchong & surrounding areas in Selangor & Kuala Lumpur is available but based on the order amount. Deliveries are for surrounding houses and nearby offices in Puchong, for meetings, functions or having a number of guests. Most deliveries are pre-paid purchases at the restaurant a day earlier or at least a few hours notice.

Nasi Beriani & Mee Bandung

Packed and ready for delivery

For takeaway, the Beriani Rice are pack separately from the meat dishes, acar & dalca and may be individually packed as a set for better distributions. Some may prefer the beriani be put in own containers, depends on their programs.

Delivery Service of Nasi Beriani Johor has started for selected areas office & houses around IOI Boulevard, Bandar Puchong Jaya and selected Klang Valley areas.

For now, our delivery are as follows:

Minimum order for the areas are:

Bandar Puchong Jaya;
-IOI Boulevard, minimum RM25.00 per delivery per point (pdpp), about 2 pax.
-Bandar Puchong Jaya, minimum RM50.00 pdpp, about 4pax.

Puchong Others (Prepaid Only) RM 150.00 pdpp ( about 10-12pax)

Outside Puchong (PrePaid Only): Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, Serdang, Sri Petaling, Sri Kembangan Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Bangi.Bangsar, Old Klang Road minimum order RM500.00 (about 40-50pax)

How to Order?
Call us at 0122005681 or 0380767269
Make payment at the restaurant.
Allow at least 2-3 hours before food could arrive. In case of emergency, please specify with phone-call.

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Gathering, Meeting Friends

Decent place to hold gathering & Meeting old friends. JM Bariani Puchong is a Malay restaurant on the boulevard, the IOI Boulevard has ample space for alfresco dining.Some came here to JM Puchong to gather with their internet forum group, while others hold their reunion here that fit 80 to 100 people at one time.

Gathering after years of graduation usually last until late hours. So many things to catch-up and everyone is prepared to stay late. The boulevard offers open air space that suits night hours.

After the beriani, enjoy good conversations over coffee & desserts in a relax atmosphere of the boulevard.

Reservations to hold meetings and gatherings for groups are available at JM Puchong, by calling 0380767269 or sms 0122005681 jmboulevardpuchong@gmail.com

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