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Children & Beriani JM

Children as young as 10months love the taste of JM beriani rice. Some parents even said how difficult it was to get their children to feed on normal rice, but love JM's beriani rice as food.
It's easy to guess why, as the JM rice is very tasty but not spicy hot at all. The rice is well cooked, with supple body yet soft to eat, with just the right balance of aroma & pleasant taste. A delicious Malay food recipe.

A Very Young Beriani Lover

'Awesome' Said This Ben 10 Fan

Family With Kids Enjoying Sunday Lunch

JM Bariani House Puchong is family favorite for lunch and dinner. The beriani (biryani) tastes good to the children, even to choosy kids. 'Awesome' is frequently remarked by the children when asked their opinion on the biryani.

Basmathi rice which JM uses for the beriani has a lower level 2 in Glycemic Index, meaning it contains lesser carbohydrates compares to the normal white rice. It's therefore healthier. In a way, difficult rice eating in children is good when they prefer the basmathi rice which is much healthier.

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